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Breakfast Toast

30 Aug

Good morning! A quick hello and snapshot, what do you have for breakfast today?


I am slowly nudged awake by the gentleness of this cream cheese toast drizzled with honey. Then, the aromatic guava with sharp balinese lime marmalade gave me a bang to get going. September is coming, fellas.

PS: I used left-over cream cheese for the toast and here’s the trick: scoop out the amount you need and in a small bowl, beat the heck out of it with the back of a spoon until you get a creamy, fluffy spreadable cream cheese.

Wishing you an astounding day,


Red Cherries

20 Aug


My dad wants to get a six pack. Not a six pack of soda, not a six pack of beer, but abs. Like, movie star abs. Like Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love abs. (Remember when Emma Stone squealed, “Seriously? It’s like your photoshopped!” I can’t decide which one I like better, her attitude or his abs – If you haven’t watched the movie, go run now and rent it. It’s hilarious)

He watches countless of videos, does hundreds of sit ups, spends half of his waking hour in the gym, the list goes on and on. I dare not to laugh nor tease him since I still value the fact that my head is still attached to my neck.


One good thing that comes out from his obsession is that my fridge is now full of juicy, robust fruits. From our local exotics of rambutan, jack fruit and dragon fruit to imported berries and all kind of cherries.

I am now proud to say that when the clock strikes midnight and my stomach demands a little snack, I no longer nibbling and sinking my teeth on the allure of velvety chocolate bars.


I rip open the silky plastic wrapper instead and reveal the plump, proud cherries. It sit there on my palm with its glossy glory and when I bite into it, oh, the sweetness!

The cold from refrigerator hits my teeth with a bang while my tongue dance on the festivity of syrupy juice. My lips would turn red, like those red hot lipstick you wear to feel sexy.


Then, I would slowly close the refrigerator door and tip-toed back to my room, ready to sleep with a content smile on my face.

Pots & Pans

9 Aug

Say hello to the newest additions of my family. Rrr… My kitchen family, that is.


Mr Loaf Pan, readers.


Readers, Mr Loaf Pan.


Here are Mr and Mrs Springform 9 inch pan. Mr SP (Lets just make up some fun nicknames, shall we?) has been a member of my kitchen family for years and has been quite lonely.

“I need a (girl)friend so you can make layer cakes, Dee!”

I hear ya, big guy.


They are so happy together now.


Last but not no mean the least, Miss 4 quart Sauce Pan. Look how glamorous she is. All shiny and gleaming.

She makes a huge difference in my life already. No more overflowing custards on-too-small-saucepan! I can make stocks now! Stews! Oh, the possibilities!


I’m gonna go to the kitchen and introduce them to Mr Stove and Mrs Oven now.

See ya around,


The Perfect Chocolate Cake

24 Jul

The way I see it, looking for the perfect chocolate cake is like looking for the perfect man. I don’t think they exist at all; but still, a girl can dream. And oh, do I dream.

With the right balance of melted chocolate and cocoa powder, my perfect chocolate cake should have a deep, rich taste but not overwhelming. Spoonful after spoonful would make you coming back for more, craving for the soft sponge to disintegrate on your tongue. The last bite would induce such a content sigh. Problems dissolves, and for once your whole being is at peace and satisfied.

The batter would be silky and smooth, baked at 180C for 30 minutes. Then it would be springy to touch and the aroma of velvet chocolate roaming freely around the house.

It would be perfect eaten with simple dusted sugar, the process of dusting itself would leave your nose white with powder as you watch the white particles fly around like fairy dust. For days you want that kick of extra sugar, a chilled whipped cream would do the trick, as well as fresh strawberries.

I haven’t found the right recipe yet (emphasis on yet. I am determined to find it or die trying) but maybe just like the perfect guy, it would worth the trouble and the wait.


11 Jul

My kitchen mojo is currently taking a vacation. I suspect she is still in Sydney, enjoying the breath taking combination of the greens of royal botanical garden, gray steel of the bridge and shimmering blue water.

In return, my chocolate cakes have been out from the kitchen and went straight to the dumpsters. They sunk, burnt and all tasted strangely like styrofoam.

I am, in grieve.

So I painted my nails light pink and enjoy how it glimmer under the light.

See ya later, (hopefully real soon)

Wishing you…

15 Apr


Lit up your cigarette or chomp down organic muesli bar, pour steaming hot water to either pitch black coffee or calming brown of tea, crack those eggs or hear the music of cereal dancing around the bowl.

Do whatever you want, but have a hearty breakfast and enjoy Monday!

Bondi Beach beauty to get us through the week, up top.




28 Feb


So what’s going on in Sydney? So far I have:

1. Took exactly 1.546 photos
2. Got lost in Sydney CBD
3. Lots of melts down and freaking out
4. Went to two cupcake stores
5. Took the wrong ferry and have to walk such a looooooonnnggggg way to look for Luna Park
6. Went to wine festival and got dizzy after two full drinks.
7. Got one-session course on how to make Soufflé from my host parent ( who happened to be pastry chef-YAY)
8. Got sick.
9. Slept the whole weekend. My host parents thought I’m dead.
10. Took comfort from washing the dishes. Talk about discovering yourself in a travel, huh?

(Btw, meet the family dog, Forrest. He’s cute,loyal, obedient, and always, always hungry-just like me)