I’m Deandra, I’m 25 and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I don’t know how I came to fall in love with food, since I do not grow up in a family of cooks or renege foodie. My mother doesn’t cook.  My grandmother cooks, but it was a quite long time ago, when her back pain wasn’t so implacable.

Nor do I have the experience of inheriting recipes under my grandmother’s knee. To tell you the truth, I tend to shy away from the food of my nation. The rich combination of spices tend to give my head a spin and an inedible outcome. (I promise to myself to emerge my self in them, I swear. One day)

So I blame television. I’m guessing that is how this love-near-obsession over food started, years ago, sitting cross legged in front of TV on sunday morning.

From Sisca Soewitomo to Nigella Lawson- the process of cooking seems like magic.
I like the crisp and the crackling sound when a sharp knife cut through an onion then the gentle thud it makes as the edge of the knife meets the chopping board. I like how you can see the air shimmer on top of a hot wok, and the loud sizzling as the onion slide and join the bubbling oil.

I like how butter, when you beat it and incorporated air into it, turn pale and creamy. I like how thin, glossy melted chocolate meets cream and turns into thick, fluffy ganache, soft as cloud.

I began experimenting my way in the kitchen and once I start, I cannot stop. There were meltdowns, of course. But it only fueled me to come back again and try harder.

Thus this blog emerges. I want to capture my journey. I want to add more fuel in this love, more reason to get up and cook (or bake). I want to document things I learn and things I haven’t learned. The adventures and the misadventures.

Most of all, I want to share. I want to meet food-driven people out there, say hi and exchange stories, and hopefully, make new friends.

So Hi! to you, whoever reading this. Thank you for stopping by. If there’s anything you want to ask me, exchange stories, or plain old hello, do not hesitate to contact me at



2 Comments Add yours

  1. kyleen says:

    Hi Dee! It was super awesome meeting you! I can’t wait to see what kind of delicious stuff you cook up.

    1. deandraayu says:

      Hi Kyleen! It was definitely awesome meeting you! Thank you so much for stopping by.

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