Pots & Pans

Say hello to the newest additions of my family. Rrr… My kitchen family, that is.


Mr Loaf Pan, readers.


Readers, Mr Loaf Pan.


Here are Mr and Mrs Springform 9 inch pan. Mr SP (Lets just make up some fun nicknames, shall we?) has been a member of my kitchen family for years and has been quite lonely.

“I need a (girl)friend so you can make layer cakes, Dee!”

I hear ya, big guy.


They are so happy together now.


Last but not no mean the least, Miss 4 quart Sauce Pan. Look how glamorous she is. All shiny and gleaming.

She makes a huge difference in my life already. No more overflowing custards on-too-small-saucepan! I can make stocks now! Stews! Oh, the possibilities!


I’m gonna go to the kitchen and introduce them to Mr Stove and Mrs Oven now.

See ya around,



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