Homemade Life by Molly W

28 Jul


I’m pretty sure my past self was half insane to even think Homemade Life by Molly W is boring. I want to hit her in the head with a pan. How could you? I would demanded.

To say it was a good book was an understatement. Now I understand where she got all her awards! The words she say flow smoothly as a gentle river. Her description over food was almost poetic. She takes us with her, as if she was telling us her life story in a small cafe in midst of Paris, warm and friendly- over an array of sweet cakes and cafe au lait.


She shares her passion over food and how it interlace delicately with her life. How it shapes her in her early life, help her to overcome her grieve and most of all, meeting her future husband, Brandon. I swoon and my knees got weak. For a food lover, her story was the true fairy tale.


She shares with us her tears and her laugh accompanied with mouth-watering recipes.
Her last chocolate cake recipe had me jump on my fluffy couch and straight to the kitchen (it doesn’t happen very often, I’m telling you.)

I’m listing the ingredients now and going to bake it for my break-fasting tomorrow.

I don’t know yet whether this chocolate cake going to be my perfect chocolate cake too; but one thing I am sure, it is going to be damn good. (Apparently I have that much faith in Molly)

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