The Perfect Chocolate Cake

The way I see it, looking for the perfect chocolate cake is like looking for the perfect man. I don’t think they exist at all; but still, a girl can dream. And oh, do I dream.

With the right balance of melted chocolate and cocoa powder, my perfect chocolate cake should have a deep, rich taste but not overwhelming. Spoonful after spoonful would make you coming back for more, craving for the soft sponge to disintegrate on your tongue. The last bite would induce such a content sigh. Problems dissolves, and for once your whole being is at peace and satisfied.

The batter would be silky and smooth, baked at 180C for 30 minutes. Then it would be springy to touch and the aroma of velvet chocolate roaming freely around the house.

It would be perfect eaten with simple dusted sugar, the process of dusting itself would leave your nose white with powder as you watch the white particles fly around like fairy dust. For days you want that kick of extra sugar, a chilled whipped cream would do the trick, as well as fresh strawberries.

I haven’t found the right recipe yet (emphasis on yet. I am determined to find it or die trying) but maybe just like the perfect guy, it would worth the trouble and the wait.


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