Parade of Umbrellas


I woke up to the sound of whirling winds and the sky puking water.
The sky was sad, dark grey.
Talk about depressing.

I just knew I had to gear up. Last time it was raining like this, I was soaking wet from the tip of my hair to the tip of my toes.

Working with wet attire? Major discomfort.

I gathered all plastic bags I have around the house and wrapped my bags, spare clothes and lunch in them as tightly as possible. I wore flip-flops, or as Aussie says it, thongs, legging and my sleeping T-shirt. I put my hat on, and was seriously considering wearing shower cap. ( No, I didn’t, cause I don’t have one, and my host mom laughed out loud about it)

Then I walked across the park down to the bus stop…. And the winds and heavy rain stop. They were exchanged with small pretty drizzles.

The city is still a parade of umbrellas, but at least the citizens are not dropping waters from ever edge of their respective bodies.

The good thing is I have pancakes for breakfast, fluffy little warm thing that makes everything is all right.

I made a whole batch last night and with me being in Sydney and not Jakarta where I have armies of hungry students to eat all of it, I’m stuck with 25 mini pancakes for breakfast, dessert and snacks.

Oh how miss those boys and girls. How their eyes gleam on the sight off my food, how their mouth water and their capability to eat without chewing. (Well helps that they don’t have to pay for it. -Ha.)

Trying so hard to keep dry,


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