Cold, then hot and fresh oysters

Oh, hi! Hello there. Yes, I’m good thank you. How you doing?

I guess from the lack of post you can see that I’m settling here in Sydney. Out all weekend doing touristy stuff and eat and walk and walk and walk till my legs feel like it’s coming out from it’s socket.

Summer is saying goodbye and giving us another hour to add to the day. Fall, or shall I say autumn is here, and is seriously moody.

The first day after Easter cold breeze and hard wind washed over the city,leaving me with runny nose and goose bump and missing Jakarta hot sunshine.

Today, I went out with jeans, closed shoes, a jacket AND sweater, whilst the sun came out and say, “Bring out your tank top and short, everyone! I’m gonna smile all day!”


I arrived in Sydney Fish Market sweating like a pig. But so be it, nothing will get in the way of my journey from fresh oysters

My delicacy for lunch are fresh rock oyster with splash of tangy lemon juice ( too bad there’s no tabasco) cold braised half lobster and prawns with thousand island.

People might hate fresh oyster because they might be fishy and slimy and basically they see it as disgusting. Not me. I’m head over heels in love with it. I love the cold bite as we dig into it and the way it tastes like we’re swimming in the ocean.

Oh and for the record, fresh oyster are not fishy at all. They are best eaten after their opened, and fishy oyster means they have been opened too long.

I closed the day at Sydney Fish Market with chocolate coated strawberry and the famous jones soda.

I can’t wait to go back for a seafood platter. Oh, calamari…….

Kiss kiss

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