Dreamy Eggs


The thing to keep in mind in learning how to cook is it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Simple flavors, simple technique, can blow you away. I even say the simplest flavors are the best, because we don’t really mess them much from what the Mother Nature has given us.

Coming from a tropical country with seriously HOT weather, even summer in Sydney gives me chill. All I wanted to do was curl underneath my lovely warm blanket, but alas, I’m starving.  (It took me 3 days to finally able to go outside without socks. – I suck, I know)

So I went downstairs and grabbed the first thing I saw in the fridge. (Thank God my host family here allows the student to utilize the kitchen!)  Eggs. The round, soft brown, familiar little thingy said the loudest hello when I peeked.  

Omelet it is.

I never took eggs seriously before this morning. I usually fried that poor thing until it’s overcooked and died and went to hell.  But since I arrived in Sydney I have developed a new little habit.

I like to listen to Jamie Oliver to sleep.

Best remedy when I can’t sleep, pop up his Ministry of Food Podcast and listen to it until I drown into deep sleep.

Guess when you do that every single night because you’re not comfortable in a strange bed in a new city, what he said sticks in your head. (Note to self: do that for the next final exam)

 I remember him saying that omelet can taste awesome rather than just an ordinary breakfast. I remember his facial expression and how he pour the oozy yellow liquid on to the pan, and make that movements in the middle of it before the eggs sets and how It would result in creamy, melt in your mouth omelets.

So I did it. And oh, bless you Jamie. I love it! It might also be the prettiest omelet I made, ever. (I actually fold it in to half a circle!)

I also sautéed couple of mushroom with butter before I poured the eggs in, but eggs are so versatile, you can just  put anything inside and it’d be delicious.

Up is the video that I’m talking about, taken from his website. But to be honest, for better quality, just subscribe his podcast at itunes. It’s free!




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