Dear Mr French Fries


I couldn’t comprehend in words how much I love you.

Sometimes it’s like love at first sight.

It’s that golden skin of yours, glistening with sizzling oil that burns the tip of my tounge.

It’s that salt crystal,
oh, that
goody thing!
melts onto my mouth every time my lips meet yours.

Firm on the outside, hard on the edges
But soft and gentle on the inside

One bite and you dissolve into me

And we become one…

You dive into me so deep, becoming fat that won’t go away even after 3 weeks of excoriating exercise.

You, my darling, has kicked away my waist line until I can’t find it anymore

You, my darling, has capture my heart.

If one day I’ll day of heart attack,
It’ll be because of you, my darling.

It’ll be because of my love for you

Happy Valentine day, Mr French Fries.



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