Weekend Market

My visa is granted!

I am jumping with joy. After weeks and weeks waiting without any updates, an email finally arrived saying that I can enter Australia, stay, and get an internship for the length of four months.

I will arrived on the 11th, and start my internship in Sydney on the 13th.

I can say this is the first time I’m going to be away from home for so long.

The last time I was even away from home for more than a week was 7 years ago. That trip only last a month.

Now it’s 4 months. 16 weeks.

Last Christmas I actually went to Sydney on a tourist visa with my grandparents and my parents for a break from Jakarta’s pollution and traffic. Since my grandparents are not capable of walking much, we spend a lot of time staying at the hotel, or enjoying the stores around Old Sydney.

You can guess how delighted I am when suddenly they blocked the road and set up a weekend market. A Market! My friend, Putri who stays in the State always telling me about the joy of roaming farmers market on Sunday morning. I have watched countless pictures of her fruit pies and flowers as the result of her shopping. I was incredibly jealous.

The weekend market was no farmers market, there were no fruits or flowers in sight, but there were standing stores of lemonade, cupcakes (which I greedily bought all flavors), necklaces, Australian pearl, paintings and other stuff.

I was instantly hooked on one of the stand which sells natural honeys and some candied fruits. They have all kind of honey and the lady was nice and talkative. She walked us through the flavors of each honey, the health benefits from the candied fruits and how none of their product contained preservatives. It was all natural. My eyes are hooked on the creamed honey. I heard of it, my friend Evan who embarked on an exchanged study last semester in Canberra was always gushing on how nice it is and how she regretted that she failed getting one home.

I grabbed the wooden stick and sample some of the creamed honey on the spot, and boy was Evan right. It would be redundant to say that it’s creamy, but it’s true. When usual honeys are drippy and liquid, this creamed honey has the dreamy consistency of soft butter. And we all know how I like butter. The honey flavor was subtle and there’s this enhanced sweetness that is soft and velvety.

I grabbed two jars and brought it home. I sent one jar to Evan and keep one to myself. When Evan uses hers to spread on a warm toast, I hug the jar while curling over The Big Bang Theory and feed myself by the spoonfuls. Teehee.

Anyway, it’s officially H-7 and God knows how am I supposed to pack for 4 months clothes. Wish me luck!


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