Indonesian Through and Through

29 Jan

If you want to enjoy indonesian cuisine without the joy of street stalls ( which sometimes dirty and crowded and noisy) Sate Khas Senayan is a place to go. The food is good with cool, air-con ambience plus wooden furniture that high light Indonesian traditional culture such as wayang,etc.

‘Have dinner like a beggar’ mindset was long forgotten last night as we dived and enjoy those velvety coconut milk, that rightfully mine carbs of white rice, lamb, chicken, tofu, and oh so on!

From top to bottom, sate khas senayan logo, some crackers to nibble on whilst waiting for our main course, Sate Buntel Kambing ( lamb meat and fat sausage satay- or something like that) Sate Ayam saus Blora ( chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce). Lontong Cap Gomeh, Nasi Liwet and Nasi Bogana.

Dad actually had Es Podeng, but he dig into it with such speed I did not manage to take the pic first.

Have a nice weekend, fellas!

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