Chicken Wings!


I hate deep frying. It’s hot, sticky and urgh. I prefer bake instead. All you need to do is dump everything into the oven, set the timer, sit back and relax.

But for some reason i can’t explain my oven refused to work today, leaving me with no choice but to deep fry my lovely chicken wings.

I first discovered this recipe by Pak Bara in one of his recipe books, though i tweaked it a little bit.

I exchange sugar for honey and i wanted to bake it. ( did i mention I hate deep frying?). hey, baked stuff is way healthier than fried stuff!

Needless to say, i deep fry my little baby chicken and ate like 18 pieces. Hm. (dang, it’s yummy!)

All you need is :

12 chicken wings


Marinate :

2 sdt turmeric

2 sdt ginger

2 sdt corriander

1 sdt garlic

1 sdt chilli

1 sdt sugar ( i do honey)

1 sdt black pepper

2 sdt salt


You can either have the marinate ingredients finely chopped or you can get the powder ones, which is a lot easier and save a lot of time.

Marinate  the chicken for minimum 1 hours, but it will get tasti-er ( is that even a word?)
 if you leave it overnight.

And put the oven to 120 C, bake for roughly 10-12 minutes.

Or you can well, deep fry it. Ha. Good luck with that. Enjoy!


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